Are you looking for a way to promote your YouTube channel and increase your subscriber count? One effective strategy is to link your YouTube channel to your Facebook profile or page. By doing this, you can drive more traffic to your videos and gain new subscribers.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding your YouTube channel link to Facebook.

Step 1: Copy Your YouTube Channel URL

The first step is to copy the URL of your YouTube channel. To do this, go to your YouTube channel page and copy the link from the address bar of your browser.

Step 2: Log in to Your Facebook Account

Next, log in to your Facebook account. If you have a Facebook page for your YouTube channel, make sure you are logged in as the page admin.

Step 3: Edit Your Facebook Profile or Page

Go to your Facebook profile or page and click on the ‘About’ section. Scroll down until you find the ‘Contact Info’ section.

Step 4: Add a Website

Under the ‘Contact Info’ section, you will see an option to add a website. Click on the ‘+ Add Website’ button.

Step 5: Paste Your YouTube Channel URL

Paste the URL of your YouTube channel into the website field. Make sure to save your changes.

Step 6: Verify Your YouTube Channel

After adding your YouTube channel link to Facebook, it’s important to verify your YouTube channel. This will ensure that your channel is linked correctly and that viewers can easily find your videos.

To verify your YouTube channel, go to your YouTube Studio dashboard and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. Then, click on ‘Channel’ and select ‘Verify’.

Step 7: Share Your YouTube Videos on Facebook

Now that your YouTube channel is linked to Facebook, you can easily share your videos on your Facebook profile or page. Simply click on the ‘Share’ button below your YouTube video and choose the ‘Facebook’ option.

By following these steps, you can add your YouTube channel link to Facebook and start promoting your videos to a wider audience. Remember to regularly share your YouTube videos on Facebook to engage your followers and attract new viewers.